From Now On

Guy Holloway, Dave Waddell (Contributors)
Hardback, 17.78 × 24.13 cm | 7 × 9.5 in, 300 pages
ISBN 978-1-911339-40-3

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Hollaway is an architectural and interior design practice that embraces the past, the present, and the future and places people and feeling at the core of its architecture philosophy.

The RIBA award-winning practice has built its reputation working on a wide array of projects, including a cutting-edge skate park, the world’s first heritage theme park, a bespoke artist’s studio in an open field, and a high-end seafood restaurant. They were also one of the first to install a tubular steel slide in an office redesign, and the chosen architects for the replanning of an entire town. The breadth of these projects may be wide, but each one brings the perfect balance of playfulness and sincerity, with a firm focus on placemaking, sustainability and the experience of the individuals who will use the space.

From Now On documents Hollaway’s inspirational buildings, brought alive by glowing client testimonies. It also reflects on where the practice has evolved from, where it finds itself today, and what the challenges of tomorrow demand of it – told in the words of those who make it what it was, is, and will become. A must for modern architecture lovers or anyone who is interested in seeing creative ideas made possible.