Cocoon House


Nina Edwards-Anker, nea studio (Author)
Hardback, 29 × 20 cm | 11.4 × 7.8 in, 192 pages
ISBN 978-1-911339-39-7

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It is meant to serve as a cinematic screen, its round shape abstracting the play of light and shadow, cocooning the interior like an ocean wave with light hitting its surface —nea studio on the Cocoon House

Designed in 2018 by Nina Edwards Anker, acclaimed architect and interior designer and founder of nea studio, the Cocoon House is a feat of sustainable design. Located in Long Island, New York, the completely original, LEED-certified home, gets its name from the curved walls which form its cocoon-like shape. The building, which is half exposed and half opaque, also boosts beautiful skylights inspired by Goethe’s colour theory,  which provide sunlight-hued illuminations throughout.

Cocoon House, a book that records every step of this ambitious project with stunning photography and insightful text, will appeal to a wide range of readers: those interested in sustainable design or the progression of solar technology in building, as well as those who are simply drawn to nature-inspired statement houses, crafted with the utmost ingenuity. The carefully considered theories that served as inspiration to the house are discussed in depth, making Cocoon House a crucial reference book to anyone studying sustainable architecture as a whole.